APD powers 2019 Leasing Broker Federation Survey Report

October 2019

APD Global Research has, once again, helped power the 2019 Leasing Broker Federation Survey Report through the provision of its research services and data intelligence. 

The Leasing Broker Federation (LBF) annual survey, carried out by APD Research, draws out the most up-to-date trends from across the broker market. All feedback is provided by LBF members with analysis and insight provided by APD, along with other industry experts.

The research covers both the current trends in the market and also the Leasing Brokers’ perception of funders and manufacturers.

‘We are delighted to, once again, support the Leasing Broker Federation annual survey,’ said Kathryn Courtenay-Evans, managing director of APD UK. ‘At a time of such great change across the automotive space, working in partnership with LBF to unearth the trends and opinions within the broker market helps provide a fascinating insight into market developments.’

Some of the key market trends and questions highlighted by this year’s survey include 39% of customers are asking for short-term leases – something not commonly liked by funders but providing a potential opportunity; 74% of customers are not asking about mobility solutions – but could this change with the increase of EVs being leased; and with a significant movement away from diesel towards petrol, hybrid or electric how might this impact manufacturer production strategies and residual values.