APD & LBF Announce Member Survey

March 2020

APD Global Research has partnered with the Leasing Broker Federation (LBF) to provide the sector with regular insight on current trends in the market and brokers’ perception of funders and manufacturers, as well as opinions on who is best in supporting the sector and with whom they have the best relationships.

The online survey, accessible at any time via a link from the LBF website to an online portal, will be regularly updated as responses are received to provide a near real-time insight of the vehicle leasing brokers’ market.

All LBF members who take part will receive credits that can be redeemed against the cost of LBF events during 2020 and a quarterly summary report.

Paul Turner, APD executive chairman, said, “Our partnership with the Leasing Broker Federation is a major step forward in providing the broker sector with access to real-time data and a comprehensive insight into activity.

“The vehicle leasing broker sector is rapidly evolving as the market continues to prosper. Brokers are having an increasing influence on the leasing market, not only in terms of the volume of vehicles they now manage but also in the provision of the services customers now require.

“Having true insight and a thorough understanding of the market – in ‘real time’ – will provide brokers, funders, dealerships and OEMs with the market intelligence they need to keep on top of trends now and for the future.”

Nick Ratcliffe, LBF Director, said, “The fundamentals of the Leasing Broker Federation are to promote the leasing broker sector and to help the membership to improve their businesses, by providing knowledge and learning."

“By delivering real time industry insights, we will assist all leasing intermediaries operating in this sector, from brokers to dealers, as well as leasing companies, motor manufacturers and service suppliers to better understand the needs and brokers’ views, of this growing sector."

“Working with APD Global Research to create this original benchmark analysis of sector is great news for members, our partners and the industry.”