APD launches Sentiments360 analytics tool

November 2020

APD Global Research has added a new sentiment analytics tool which harnesses the power and usability of augmented intelligence (AI) to identify and amplify messages which otherwise remain hidden in conventional customer feedback.  

Using a combination of artificial neural networking (ANN), machine learning (MI) and lexicon-based analysis, Sentiment360 delivers a greater degree of reliability in the interpretation and contextualisation of words within sentences. 

Sentiment360 is compatible with APD Global’s suite of monitoring programmes and can integrate with third party customer experience (CX) platforms to access review sites like Trustpilot and social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook to transform written posts into meaningful and actionable insights. 

‘Its integration takes analysis and visual representation of customer feedback to a new level using enhanced scanning of verbatim comments and interpreting the sentiment behind them’, explained Paul Turner, chairman of APD Global Group.  

‘Sentiment360 represents the next step in extracting greater value from existing data and giving the story behind the static numbers used in customer satisfaction (CSAT), net promoter score (NPS) and customer effort score (CES) reporting, which may otherwise have been skimmed over by generic feedback analysis’, he concluded.