APD Global Research partners with Startline Motor Finance to power used car finance report research

December 2019

APD Global Research has partnered with Startline Motor Finance to support its UK report on 'The Future of Used Car Finance'. 

APD was commissioned to manage the research which includes insights from surveys involving dealers, online specialist brokers and car buyers to find out how they view the present, near future and longer term. 

‘We are delighted to support such a progressive business as Startline Motor Finance in truly understanding the evolution of its marketplace via intelligent research,’ said Kathryn Courtenay-Evans, managing director of APD UK. ‘Our connected insight intelligence, combined with Startline’s sector specific knowledge, have combined to create a fascinating insight into the changing dynamics of used car finance in the UK.’ 

Paul Burgess, chief executive office, Startline Motor Finance, said, ‘Our view is that the motor finance sector has probably never been more in flux. At a macro level, we are threatened by the prospect of recession and the uncertainty of Brexit; consumer behaviour is changing; cars themselves are undergoing a massive technological shift; and finance products are undergoing a period of innovation and disruption.’