APD’s programmes are operational in 52 countries and 26 different languages.

Our award-winning Voice.360 programme seamlessly manages event based experience surveys from the data processing, management and quality reports to results and root cause analysis reporting.

This enables customers to identify satisfaction and dissatisfaction levels across multi event based service areas using everything from SMS and Web Chat to social media and Apps (Talkback360).

Integrated online and ad hoc Insight reporting and analysis provide clients with clear metrics such as NPS and Customer Effort and insights into key drivers of excellence and poor service and identify moments of truth.

Targets can be set, managed and monitored to prove improvement overtime and focus investment where needed.

A continuous improvement process is built in to manage change, sending out email alerts that are triggered in real-time to ensure clients can proactively manage customer issues quickly and efficiently by working with supply chain partners.

Voice.360 can be specified as a bespoke system or can be integrated into CRM systems such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics, MySQL, Oracle or Google Analytics.