ALD Merrion - Dublin, Ireland

ALD Merrion Fleet uses APD customer satisfaction results to review supply chain performance

Dublin-based ALD Merrion Fleet provides a first-class service to its 6,500 drivers achieving an overall Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) score of 93% and a Net Promotor Score (NPS) of 80.It was identified as the industry’s leading leasing provider for the second year in succession in the research conducted by APD Global Research.APD has set up and run the company’s customer satisfaction surveys for a number of years. It uses the driver feedback proactively to resolve customer issues and to keep a close eye on service delivery across its supply chain.

“Our constant focus is on providing a first-class service to customers and maintaining those high service levels through the life of the contract,”

explained Natasha Ramsay, ALD Merrion Fleet’s client services director.

“Our APD customer satisfaction surveys play a huge part in evaluating every element of our supply chain. Any driver feedback graded as average or below is automatically followed up within 24 hours. We fix any issues by working with suppliers to fine tune our service offering,”

she addedAndrew Skelhorn, research director at APD Global Research said:

“ALD Merrion has consistently been at the top of our customer satisfaction league. Its excellent customer service has clearly proven a big differentiator versus its competitors in our final survey results,”

he added.